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Sara & Josh


Sara & Josh

Oh this wedding, so much fun! Sherry and I had been looking forward to this day ever since we first met up with Sara and Josh last year. These two are such a great couple and from the get-go we knew that any time spent with them was going to be a blast! Josh and Sara share a love that is genuine and effortless and amazing. You really just can't help but smile when you see them together :)


Sara and Josh said their I-Do's on Josh's Dad's land outside of Lewistown and let me tell you...this place was seriously amazing. There was a super fun cabin for getting ready and a lush, gorgeous space for the ceremony and reception. This incredible wedding space was made even more amazing by all of the beautiful decor work they did! There were handwritten signs, twinkle lights and succulents everywhere. Not to mention Sara made the most epic altar piece for the ceremony. It was Montana and magic and awesome :)


This wedding was all about the love and the party, and it was obvious that Sara and Josh didn't feel like they had to stick to mainstream trends when it came to their big day. One of the coolest things they did was completely switch up the timeline. They kept telling me that they were having a "backward wedding" and I absolutely love how it all turned out! Just so you can get a visual, here's how the day went:


The whole day was super relaxed and it was kind of amazing that guests were fed and pictures were all done by the time the ceremony started. Plus it gave everyone a chance to grab a cold one before the I-Do's ;) Also, from a purely selfish photography perspective, this timeline was awesome because it put all of our photos and the ceremony right into that golden hour before the sunset. I mean really how beautiful are these photos?!


Josh and Sara actually built their own dance floor space for their reception and it was amazing! I cannot think of anything better than having your first dance outside under the stars. Also, these two share a pretty stellar taste in music and their choice in first dance song totally reflected that. You could tell that the song was special to them and was one that they both really loved. They actually incorporated the music into their decor too. The quote on that sign is from their song. So great right?!


So much other awesomeness happened during this day. A couple of absolute winners though were the party favors and desserts. Sara and Josh had t-shirts made for their wedding favors with pictures of their pups on the front and a sweet caption on the back ;) That in itself is pretty darn cool. However what made it even better was that they shot the shirts out of a cannon during the reception! Yes!!!


The desserts were also completely amazing and to top it off they were all made by friends and family. Sara's friend Misti made these adorable cookies that were designed in the likeness of Sara and Josh's dogs, Rooster and Dizzee. They also had a s'mores bar complete with.....wait for it.....HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS! Sara's mom Judy actually owns a saweet business called Toasty's which provides these tasty treats. So super cool.


Sherry and I really had such a blast at this wedding! We cannot thank Sara and Josh enough for inviting us to be a part of their awesome day. Congrats to this super amazing couple!

- Missy


Wedding Dress - Belle's & Lace Bridal
Groom's Tux - Kaufman's Menswear
Florist - Alpine Floral
Desserts - Toasty's