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Hayley & Lee


Hayley & Lee

First wedding of the season and it was an especially super day! It wasn't just that the people, venue, and weather was amazing, although let's be real all of those things were pretty great! This day was made even more awesome because the bride was my fantastic friend and fellow photographer Hayley Heser!

Back in 2013 I met up with this amazing lady just as we were both beginning our adventures in photography. That first round of drinks was paired with talk of cameras, editing, and other nerdy photo chit chat. Four years and countless photo meet-ups later, she truly is one of my most treasured friends in the business. She has turned out to be an absolutely AH-mazing photographer and it has been so cool to see her talents grow!

Hayley and I actually met for the first time back in college Billings, and at that time she was dating this super great guy named Lee. These two have been rocking life together for around ten years now and have so much fun no matter where they are or what they're doing. Seriously almost every photo of them together includes someone laughing uncontrollably :)


With an amazing couple usually comes an amazing wedding day, and with Hayley and Lee that held true 100%. There were some really cool personal touches, and you can tell that Hayley put a lot of care and thought into her day :) She gave her bridesmaids these beautiful gold bracelets that were engraved with the coordinates of where they first met. Seriously tear worthy amiright?! Also worth a mention, the hanger that Hayley used for her dress was actually her late Grandmother's. She had even written her name on it in pencil at some point. So amazing....


There were some awesome contributions from friends and family as well, including ceremony music by a couple of Lee and Hayley's good friends and baked goods made by Hayley's very talented mom!


The venue for this wonderful wedding was The DanWalt gardens in Billings, which is pretty much heaven on earth - garden style. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous details, and the occasional rooster made for a fantastic wedding backdrop!


A beautiful wedding setting, though, is nothing without some amazing people! Hayley and Lee both come from awesome families who were all so excited to be celebrating this awesome day with them. Not to mention that these two, being the fantastic human beings that they are, seem to naturally attract awesome friends. Throughout the years Hayley and Lee have called a few different places home, but wherever they go they find these fantastic people who end up being life-long friends. I think it has something to do with the fact that they're both just plain delightful :)

I know this is kind of obvious, but I just have to take a second to rave about how gorgeous Hayley was! This lady is so beautiful inside and out, and I still can't get over how stunning she looked in that dress.


Don't get me wrong, Lee was looking pretty darn dapper himself! Not to mention his smile is contagious so it definitely needs to be shared :)

Photographing them together was such a treat and honestly it was probably the easiest thing I photographed all day because they were just so happy! Love and happiness apparently make you look AH-maze in pictures....who knew?!


Let's be honest....I could probably go on and on about these two and they're amazing day for hours, but I'll save you the read and let the photos do the rest of the talking :) Congrats to Hayley and Lee! I couldn't imagine a better way to kick off the wedding season. Thanks for having me at your wedding as both your friend and your photographer!


Love you guys! Best wishes and happy forever!