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Vegas Wisdom


Vegas Wisdom

Earlier this month, I did something really awesome and slightly (no completely) out of character for me. I traveled. I hopped on a plane and I actually left Montana. Twice!


The first stop for this jet setter (okay that term might be a stretch) was WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas with my awesome photo bff Hayley. Just a quick disclosure here. I'm generally a person that doesn't like to get outside of my comfort zone, so this was a pretty big deal. Hayley definitely had to do some convincing to get me to go in the first place, and then some more convincing to get me out of our hotel room a few times while we were there :)

Thank goodness for Hayley though, because both the conference and Vegas itself were such an awesome experience! We took a few stellar classes, got to be in the same room as some photographer greats, hit up amazing parties, and took  photos while walking the strip. Plus. Getting out of my comfort zone made me realize that I actually can be a capable adult while traveling. Good to know!

This trip was completely amazing, and I came away with so much (including the 20 dollars that I won in a slot machine....huzzah!) Anyway, here is a bit of wisdom (or just plain randomness) from this whole adventure:

1) Vegas wants you to spend your money. It knows your budget. It doesn't give a flying flip. There are no microwaves in the rooms, and the only fridge is the mini bar. DO NOT TOUCH THE MINI BAR! They will charge you. Even if you just wanted to store your tiny container of 2% in there for cereal :( Just give in and go to the buffet. It's inevitable. 

2) WPPI classes are awesome, but there are so many and it is super hard to decide which ones to go to. Next time, I'm just going to map out every class taught by the photographer celebrities that I follow so I can bathe in their glorious light and soak up some of their talent and wisdom....and take creepy selfies with them in the distant background. Sounds reasonable right?!

3) When you're in Vegas you will ride elevators and escalators a lot. Like all day. 

4) You could be eating your waffles at 8AM or heading up to your room at 2AM after a party. Either way, if you are inside of the hotel you will be listening to Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, etc. etc. etc. Just go with it. And if you're like my friend Hayley.....Dance. Constantly.

5) Speaking of music, apparently if you're dancing at a club and you know the song that comes on, it's like the coolest thing ever in the history of the world. You dance and you sing all the words at the top of your lungs and it is a blasty blast. So! Next time I go to Vegas, I'm going to spend the entire six months before my trip listening to a pandora station titled "Club Dance Party" (I looked it up. It's a real thing) because if a song wasn't written sometime between 1960 and 1990, I don't know it. Good golly miss lame-o-meter is about to bust.

6) When walking on the strip, avoid all eye contact or you will end up with a handful of nudie cards. Unless you really like nudie cards. In which case stare directly at every random person standing on the street handing things out. It'll be like Christmas!

7) Have fun in Vegas! The Betty Buzzkill act is lame....and I can say that because that's totally been me a few times. I would have missed so many amazing experiences if I wouldn't have gotten out of my room to soak it all up! It's Vegas! So do it up. And have the time of your life :)


All photos of myself were taken by the oh so awesome Hayley Heser!