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The Wanago Family

Downtown sessions are always a blast....but they're even better when you get to hang out with such stellar people! The Wanago family was so much fun to photograph. This was my second year in a row taking this awesome family's photos, and it was great to see how much Perry and Nic had grown since last year! 

We started out the session in front of this awesome old parking sign painted on one of the brick walls downtown.  It was totally Josh's idea btw, so thank you Josh :)  Cue super epic family photo. 

At the end of the session we changed it up and did a few lifestyle session shots. Nicole brought balloons and, despite the wind trying to steal the balloons, the kids had a blast!

Although we did have a few balloon casualties :)

Here is the rest of the Wanago family awesomeness. Enjoy!