I had such a great time photographing the Vincent family last weekend! We had originally scheduled their session for later in the week but the extended forecast was getting crazier and crazier by the minute, so we decided to take advantage of the warm weather while we could. I'm super glad we did because I think that we saw the last of our warm weather that day! Grab your parkas and hot cocoa cuz winter is finally here!

This family was so great to work with. I mean, for starters the kids are just adorable. Carry and Biory, the two oldest, were so sweet. And even though, as a middle schooler, getting family pictures taken isn't probably on the list of awesome ways to spend an afternoon, they still had their best smiles on and were a blast to photograph. The little one, Ismaella, was so stinking cute and did awesome considering she is two and a half and we all tromped around downtown for almost an hour. Plus...I could not get over how adorable her little outfit was. Speaking of outfits, I feel like I need to give a shout out to Megan for dressing everyone so well. They seriously rocked the color coordination!

I'm super happy that I could capture this family spending time together, their interactions were so warm and genuine. It was easy to see that little Ismaella absolutely adores her older siblings, and they adore her right back. So much love! Check it out!