So to start off, this really isn't a big deal and I am more excited than I probably should be. However, sometimes in life you just gotta be excited about your success....even if it's just moderate success :)

A few months ago I entered a few photos into the Shoot and Share photo contest. Shoot and Share is a community of photographers who focus on service and share the high resolution files with their clients, which is what I'm all about! The contest is judged by photographers in this community and it was really awesome. I saw so many amazing photos while I was voting and, to be completely honest, at that point I was feeling fairly inadequate and was not expecting my photos to do very well. 

Howevah, to my great surprise, one of my photos made it to the top 100 in its category and I am beyond stoked! There were 26,433 total photos submitted to 20 different categories in the contest. I submitted 11 photos, and one of them made it to the finals, which puts it in the top 8% of photos submitted (I had to do some longhand math to figure out that percentage, it was rough). So anyway, like I said, top 8% isn't a huge deal, but I'm still really exited and feel like I would be doing myself a disservice if I wasn't proud of my moderate success :)  

Here is the photo! Hoorah for the top 8%!!!!