You know those days that are just really good? Like the feel-good-happy-with-your-life kind of days? Sometimes I get so caught up in the chaos of life that I forget what they look like. The other day I realized that I was having one of those days. Reasons being:

1) My step-dad Rodney was in town visiting us. I freakin adore him and am constantly amazed and touched at the way he treasures his family, me and mine included :) He most definitely has a young soul, and keeps us laughing and happy whenever he visits. He cares so much about us all, especially his grand kids, and we sure love having him around.

2) We were able to take another walk through the house we are hoping to buy in Manhattan, which is fabulously awesome. We are so ready for this next chapter of our life. Just hoping that everything goes smoothly with selling the house we own now so we can get started on the transition. So, if any of you are looking to buy a very nice three bedroom house with a big yard on the north side of Belgrade, I know of a place!

2) We got to fly kites and enjoy a warm (although fleeting) spring day. Remember that young soul I mentioned? That's where the kites came from. Rodney decided that the girls needed to fly a kite and, regardless of the wind situation, it was going to happen by golly. We came outside to find him standing right smack in the middle of our street with a Hello Kitty kite trailing sky high. Like I said....young soul. 

Such a good day. So happy to be alive and well and in the presence of the amazing human beings that I am lucky enough to call family.