Veena and Kyle came from different backgrounds, but the merging of those two cultures in the context of their beautiful wedding was just plain stunning. A traditional Indian wedding set right in the heart of the Montana mountains....made for some pretty amazing photos!


When I first met with Veena and Kyle last year, I could tell that their wedding was going to be something special. Although, at that moment I really didn't realize just how absolutely amazing it would be. The wedding took place up at The Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon and was so rich in Indian culture. There were gorgeous colors, beautiful details, amazing people, and a hoppin' reception!

The atmosphere of the day itself, though, is what made the biggest impression on me in the end. This wasn't just a wedding. This was a sacred celebration and it. was. beautiful. The preparation alone was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. And Veena's sisters! Oh goodness I don't even know how to put into words how awesome they were. I've worked with bridesmaids, I've had my own bridesmaids, I've been a bridesmaid....and let me tell you. I've never met two women more dedicated to making a bride's wedding day the most amazing-beautiful-awesome-unforgettable day of her life. Very cool. 


Let's talk about the ceremony for a moment because it was was full of culture and tradition and awesomeness. To start off, Kyle made his entrance on the shoulders of his groomsmen. So yeah....that kind of set the awesome tone for the day! And then there were beautiful ceremonies within the ceremony and each one of them was ah-mazing. There were garlands exchanged, steps taken, fire circled around, and the bride and groom's family members were involved along the way, which is amazing. I wish I could say that I am a cultured human being and that I know the name of each ceremony and it's history and significance, but unfortunately I'm a fairly sheltered girl from Montana. I can tell you one thing though. Every single moment of that wedding ceremony was truly meaningful....and that is a beautiful thing. 


As if that gorgeous ceremony wasn't enough to make this wedding absolutely unforgettable.....well then the reception happened! There was amazing food, provided by the always incredible Just a Taste Catering, a first dance that turned from slow dance to samba in a matter of seconds, super fun toasts (Veena and her sisters may have sang to Kyle at one point!) and oh my goodness.....the dancing. I have never seen a wedding group so ready to get down on the dance floor, and I'm not just talking about the wedding party. Every single person at that wedding got out on the floor and danced was happy and it was glorious.


To tell the truth, Sherry and I had a really hard time leaving that fabulous dance party. And I kid you not our cheeks were sore that night from smiling so much after spending the day at the beautiful, amazing, fantastic celebration that was Kyle and Veena's wedding. Congrats to Kyle and Veena! I feel so very blessed that I could be a part of your awesome day :)