I don't always get to hang out with my clients for their engagement sessions, especially when they're out of state, so I was thrilled when Justine and TJ wanted to meet me in Billings for their session! Meeting couples before their wedding (especially for an engagement session) is so much fun. We laugh, we get to know each other, and we get great photos! Then on the day of the wedding it's like seeing old friends :) As an added bonus, I got to bring my lovely assistant and bff Sherry along so it was a blasty blast to go on a little road trip and have some adult time. Although, on our one night away from the kids you would think we'd do something a bit more exciting than watch Ten Things I Hate About You in our jammies and fall asleep by ten. Yeah....we're that cool.

Anyway, TJ and Justine had picked the most amazing location for their session. We were up in the rims around Bilings at sunrise, which was a first for me but totally worth the early morning! There were pine cones, old trees, awesome rock formations, and great views that provided such an awesome backdrop for these two. TJ and Justine were so laid back and were such fun couple to photograph. Plus, they brought their adorable pup Oakley with them, which was equal parts awesome and terrifying. Awesome because he was adorable and it was so great to see TJ and Justine interact with their beloved pup. Terrifying because he liked to look over the edge of the rocks and I kept having horrible visions of him slipping off of the cliff! Why my mind goes right to the morbid I will never know. He was a good boy though and I'm glad they brought him along because he made the photos even better! 

So glad that I got to spend the morning with Justine, TJ and Oakley! Can't wait for the wedding next year!