Super excited to be sharing these photos today! Andrew and Sydney are such an awesome couple and are also two of my most favorite people. Andrew and JR have known each other since high school so it feels like we've always had his smiling face around. We seriously love that guy to pieces. We met Sydney a few years ago after her and Andrew starting dating and she won us over right off the bat with her sweetness and her warm heart!

Andrew actually proposed to Sydney while ice fishing and it. was. awesome.  JR and I were lucky enough to be a part of it and I got to grab some photos during the whole thing. Here are a few of them!

These two are kind of amazing. They hang out with the girls and JR and I, even though we are kind of lame and our idea of a fun night is playing board games and going to bed by ten :) They have an adorable kind of love that makes you smile and they always have a good time together. They cruise around in their sweet boat at Canyon Ferry during the summers and are avid ice fishers for the other seven months of the year. They are still trying to talk JR and I into picking that up.....we shall see :) 

We decided to grab some engagement photos this past weekend up at Hyalite, and since the weather has been downright gorgeous lately it was the perfect timing! These two actually brought their whole family with them, which includes Echo the dog and Willow the cat.

Echo was obviously excited to be up in the mountains. Willow....not so much. But she did well all things considered.

We also got a pretty amazing shot which Andrew told us almost instantly reminded him of a twilight poster. I went ahead and ran with it.

The coolest part of this whole thing is that JR and I actually get to be in the wedding this October! Also, the kiddos get to be flower girls! So excited!

*Full disclosure, I may have double checked with them first to make sure that they didn't want me to put my photographer hat on instead of a bridesmaid dress at their wedding. Apparently that's not the normal way to respond when someone asks you to be a bridesmaid. Cue facepalm...

We are so thrilled to be a part of our friends' big day. This is going to be the most amazing wedding ever, mainly because these two are amazing and in love and they totally and completely deserve to live happily ever after together :) 

Congrats to Andrew and Sydney! Can't wait for October!