Oh January.....you are the bane of my creative existence. Cold weather, short days, and grey skies keep me indoors 97% of the time and subsequently I am left in an artistic funk. I've been pretty darn absent from my blog and social media too because I feel like I haven't taken my camera out of it's bag for a month. I don't even know where it is right now.....I'm kidding I do but you get the idea. I even got a notification from Facebook the other day that sang to the tune of " Hi Missy, where ya been? It's been a while. You should post something." True story. I have The Bridal Affaire coming up (woot woot!) so it's not like I've been totally unproductive, but still.....January kiiiiinda kills my photographic soul.

Thank my lucky stars, it's actually been warm the past week or so. Well......relatively warm. It's been in the forties. My mom is visiting my brother in Florida right now and it was in the 70's today. So yeah....relatively warm. Anyway, today the girls and I said sayonara to our cabin fever for a bit while we went to the park down the street and it. was. glorious. The girls were out of their brains excited to be at the park, and I was out of my brain excited to have an excuse to take pictures. Nothing fancy, but still....we were all happy and it meant that we got a break from the 7 hour marathon of Jake and the Never Land Pirates that we had going on. Full disclosure: at the girls' checkups when the doctor asks me how much TV time we have in the house each day, I say two because I know that's the recommended max......but I'm lying. Bold. Faced. Lie. Parenting 101 peeps. Please don't judge me! It's winter and we're bored!

We went outside, the girls got exercise, and I got to take pictures....let's focus on the positives! Here are a few of my favs.