I love finding new apps on my iPhone! The Waterlogue app is my recent photo filter discovery and it is so. much. fun. It pretty much turns your photos into water color paintings. I went through and put some of my favorite wedding photos through it and I love the effects. (Can you tell it's February and I'm bored?)

Don't get me wrong I do appreciate the simplicity of a photo. I usually try to keep my post processing relatively clean and simple so that the photos of your wedding really match your memories from the day. But I also love things that are new and different so it was fun for me to see my photos transformed into something like this. 

Anyway, again, I'm a little bored during these cold months and don't do much for picture taking so this is what you get for blog posts!

Aaaand here's a little something extra from Super Bowl. Just so everyone is aware, I did not actually drink these both at the same time.....there is no way that I would ever be coordinated enough to do so. 

photo (5).JPG